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1970s Fashion Trends Pictures - 70s Styling Tips

Now I'm going to be going over the top 7 trends from the seventies that I have noticed or that I like and I like to do a lot of these vintage-style around like breaking down some of those certain decades of fashion and as always I'm not an expert it's just some of the trends.

 1970s Fashion Trends Pictures - 70s Styling Tips

1. Edwardian Victorian trend

So the first trend that I have noticed in the seventies is like the Edwardian Victorian trend and this particular trend came about I would say around 1969. 

I think is when Jessica McClintock to go over the cunning socks brand and she basically made it within a few years into this really really big brand. 

That means like Torian or prairie style and Wardian style dresses and with her it really that kind of strict trend really started as well in the brash and she was also another brand Like I care about.

But those two brands were the ones that meet mainly those kinds of dresses and they were a very big trend it was basically on the styles of the awarding period of Prairie dresses. 

The typical chickens Zach made dresses it was like harkening back to the romance and femininity of those dresses and interestingly enough a lot of them had maxi skirts we proved a very big contrast but like the mini-skirts of the 60s. 

It was like the 70s it was a lot about counterculture so whatever had been the norm in the sixties or previously kind of became like the opposite in the 70s. 

So a lot of people a lot of brands and a lot of trends were about like doing the opposite of what was expected I picked. 

This trend dad is like the first one that I'm introducing just because I love it so much and I shouldn't for Mike any bad dress I just realize this dress is from the seventies - so not like it - it counts the next time. 

2. Patches

That I want to go over his patches and I love patches in theory. I actually don't own any patches from the seventies or from any decade actually. This trend was quite popular in the 70s. 

I think because of the whole rise of individuality I actually stopped being so much defined by the top designers or like fashion magazines and it was more of an individual person and subcultures. 

Just more focused on like expressing yourself so pageants are kind of like a response to that so these little patches with all sorts of kind of political slogans certain subculture type of slogans and stuff. 

3. Butterfly collars

The third trend that I want to touch on is butterfly collars. I just kind of obsessed with butterfly collars for some reason I just find it to be really cute and unique and oversized for some reason. 

I just end up obsessed with oversized things so I just thought they were super cute they're just like this big we did I will put pictures here. 

Because I cannot like describe stuff right now but they are just being pointed as they're just very large as opposed to like the normal you know normal collars Peter Pan collars that weren't that beige these are like big and pointy and just really long I think.

They're really cute honestly and I'm always like on the search for dresses or shirts that have that kind of long elongated collar. 

So I thought I'd throw that in there they were quite popular in seven easy you will still find a lot of seventies buses that have those kinds of pointed edges. 

A lot of jumpsuits like disco jumpsuits had them too like when you had the pointed collar and then it was like open here so yeah that was quite a popular trend in the seventies. 

4. Suits And 70s pants

The next trend I want to touch on our suits and two pieces like leisure suits that kind of two-piece the blazer and your bell-bottom 70s pants that were very popular in the 70s for both women and men. 

So you would have like you can see a lot of advertisements now if the seventies that have very typically like the two-piece suit. 

Sometimes they even had an advertisement will be both the man and the woman we're in seeing like suit ensemble. 

I really like suits and two pieces I think like nowadays like if you buy a vintage two-piece that's just a really great way to get in the valley like you can wear the Blazer in a lot of ways and like trousers in a lot of ways. 

So I just really like that trend this kind of leads to another trend that I want to talk about which is like androgyny the trend of androgyny. 

They started really like having an androgynous fashion trend where I was in the sixties and of course, in the 50s it was very different like men's and women's fashion was very separated. 

I think in the 70s it just became much more like LuAnn I guess you can say like women started wearing pants and blazers and you know more masculine traditionally masculine clothes another trend. 

5. Disco Fashion

The next trend I want to talk about is the disco was just really big as you can tell by your movies like Saturday Night Fever it's just a very iconic part of the seventies like disco and those clubs. 

That kind of glam more like shiny monkey suits and I personally I don't really like the one-piece suits that they had for disco attire I knew that like it's just such an iconic part of the 70s.

I had to touch on it just because of that but I personally don't really so other trends that I want to talk about and one that I think it's not as well-known as many other trends. 

That I just mentioned is a good global trend that was really coming about into the seventies and I think designers like Ken so especially really brought this about like kind of inspiration from Asian Japanese African. 

I mean even South American fashion really started becoming trendy at that time. I'm kind of drawing on history from other countries as well Astrid traditional wear from other countries and to us along with Kenzo as I said and I personally really love this trend.

I'm always online like stalking those kinds of disco clothing outfits this begins quite trendy in the 70s or at least trend here than it had been just because maybe I think like the flu mentality in the seventies just worked in Louisville. 

I guess people became more aware of like other cultures I just feel like it's odd we don't know about the style in high dimension, 

6. 1970s shoes

Another big very big fashion trend from the 70s was platform shoes. And this is like kind of store for me because I'm always looking for platform shoes from the seventies but they're always so expensive. 

7. 70s Sunglasses

I just love another big trend in the seventies were sunglasses very very very big sunglasses tortoiseshell kind of rim to sunglasses. 

That had like kind of not a black lens it was more of like this soft beige lens like the bigger the better for both men and women. 

Again it's like that I'm drunkenness and trend kind of thing yeah the really big sunglasses were a big trend in the seventies. 

I would say and they're not as funny now I think that right now the sunglass type that is trending is those tiny little colored sunglasses from like the 90s and 2000 but they're still really clean they have this old-world glamour. 

That I really like I feel like in the 70s there was either like trends out very natural and very flowy or that was super glamorous and super high maintenance kind of looks. 

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