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Best Hair Color For Women - You Really Love Those Colors

Nowadays hair coloring is one of the fashion trends, but many people face hurdles here as to what color to do in their hair and what color will suit them, that is why they are not able to know about Which color is good for them and which can harm their hair?

There is some color that helps to give you positive vibes and some colors are such that give you a negative vibe. I will tell which hair color is best for you, then you can use it in your daily life, without any hesitation,

Before that, you need to know which colors can harm your hair and which ones are not and what hair color are perfect for hair so I will guide you through this article step by step.

I am going to give some examples of RM or your favorite BTS hair colors.

Both RM and BTS hair colors are black hair and ash color. I like both of them very much Because he has a hair color, The hair color suit his face very well that’s why his beauty comes out.

Let's look at Irene from red velvet, she looks very beautiful. When she is coloring their hairs. Now she is old but after coloring dark brown hair color, her face looks different and this is a reason she looks so attractive.

Yes, we can definitely tell that it is very important to choose the right hair color for our favorite idols. But for us too! It is very important that we choose the right color, but it is still difficult to find the right way?

But guys don't worry that we're here with what's trending and we're going to give you some recommendations for your hair color that matches you and we also have a FAQ session for you guys about You may have some questions.

Dyeing your hair Also, let's know what season you come in, I think many people make the mistake of saying if you have a lighter complexion automatically your calm tone and if you have a darker skin tone, You are automatically warm tones but this is not the case. For example, the warm tone has a yellow base and the cold tone has a blue base. for example. Rihanna Winter is a cool tone and Nicki Minaj Summer is a cool tone.

Now before we start our self-diagnosis test, I really want to give you some clues that you should keep in mind. Number one rule is to make sure you don't have any makeup, because if you have a different base color then we can. When you're doing this test, really identify your true skin tone, so the number Does not make makeup.

And number two is not the same thing for similar reasons, and number three: make sure you do it in natural or white lighting because if you are under a different light color it changes the color of your skin tone Can.

Fourth, make this diagnosis objectively. I mean I'm looking good with all the colors. Yes, I do what I think, so it would be hard for me to do this test, but we have to do it purposefully if you are not sure if a certain color matches you or not, then you are really your friends. Can ask This will be the answer. Okay. So let's go on our self-diagnosis test.

We will choose either A B C or D, just choose one. Okay. Okay. Number one: what is the color of a lipstick that looks good on you?

A: Peachy Pink;
B: Rose Pink;
C: Salmon Pink;
D: Magenta

What kind of image do people think you have?

A: A beautiful and vibrant image
B: A mature, cool image
C: A gorgeous, fresh image
D: An urban, chic image

What color is your eye?

Now here's a tip. If you don't know for sure what color of eye you have, then you take a selfie and then zoom in to see your eye color.
A: Yellow tone;
B: light brown;
C: Green, Blue, or Brown;
D: dark brown or black

Make sure that A and C are together and B and D are together. So you can choose one of the two.

A and C say: You get tan easily when you are out in the sun for a long time and
B says: Your skin turns red and it burns when you are in the sun for a long time.

A and C gold ornaments look good on you.
B and D say that silver jewelry suits you better.

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