15 Latest A-Line Bob Haircuts in 2020

A-line bob haircuts mainly is a short cut. Nowadays these haircuts are very sought-after and you can also see these hairstyles in your around.

It looks more fashionable and chic and these hairs work with different-different face types. In this haircut, there are a lot of other variations so you can style many different hairstyles. And you can easily style these hairstyles.

a line bob

If you click any picture with this haircut it looks fantastic. I'll guide you step by step so you can easily understand which style you can choose in these haircut. Scroll down the page and you can see there are a lot of other hairstyle kinds of stuff are available.

How to cut an a-line Bob Haircut at Home?

How to cut an a-line bob in order to achieve this hairstyle what you want to do. First is put your hair in a low ponytail and cut your hair right below the elastic if you like your hair a little bit longer slide the elastic downwards and use it as your guideline.

If you want more of an edgy look with longer front pieces so you can be parting two front sections away bring your hair to the back and secure it with an elastic slide.

The elastic down and start cutting your hair right below it snip the ends to even everything out if you want you can use an electric razor for this release your hair.

Take the elastics from pieces away and make a diagonal cut on either side twist little sections and slide your scissors down the ends this way we're cutting a diagonal line that meets the back section to Sutphin.

The line you just created you may want to use this kind of scissors and snip on the ends of your hair you can put your hair in a low ponytail first to have better control or use a hair razor.

What works best is to cut little by little and repeat the process as many times as necessary and once you've reached the desired length you're done this is the final result how to do you like a new look now your hair is short you will be able to come up with new hairstyle ideas for short hair.

1. Choppy Bob Haircut

a line bob

I add this hairstyle in the first position because I really attached with this haircut there are many reasons to love this hairstyle. And You can also chop a line bob hair at your home you only need a hair straightener and you easily chop your hairstyle.

2. Popular Bob

a line bob

A-line bob haircut actually at this time it's a very famous bob haircut you can ever see in your around.  Basically, in this hairstyle, there is a peak on the front side of the hair and it looks fantastic.

3. Thick Bob Haircut

a line bob

If you have thick and heavy hair with a line Bob haircut. Yes, you can go with this hairstyle. because of many women with thick hair adopt this hairstyle with only a reason because they have thick hair. And many women Mainly go with this hairstyle.

4. Long a-line Bob Haircut 

a line bob

This haircut, you need a long and straight hair because it looks very fantastic and it adds shine in your face. You can use Hair shinning serum to forgive your hair more attractive.

5. Sleek a line Bob haircut

a line bob

If you have blonde or black straight hair so it looks pretty awesome. if you wear a Necklace with this style it makes you more attractive.

6. Curly Bob hair

a line bob

Curly Bob hair I really like this hairstyle. if you have curly hairs and otherwise you want to do curly hair you can go to your nearest salon and ask to make your hair curly. I suggest you don't make your hair Messy. because if your hair looks Messy then you look very dumb and unattractive.

7. Long chopped Bob haircut 

a line bob

If you need this hairstyle so make sure you have long hair. You need to make your hair properly chopped from the end of your hair. As you can see in the above picture that helps you to make your hair choppy.

8. A-line Bob haircut with Bangs

a line bob

A-line Bob haircut with Bangs you need to add some bangs with your hair looks you more charming. Bangs with a line bob hairstyle covers your full forehead and it also covers your ears actually it looks pretty.

9. Pink a line Bob haircut

a line bob

Pink a line Bob haircut I will really love haircut because of this color it looks very pretty. When You Walking on the street with this hairstyle it catches everyone's eyes on to you.

10. A-line black with Blonde Bob 

a line bob

This hair from the top of your head is black and the end of your hair is blonde and that was a reason it looks fantastic. If your hair is heavy and straight definitely you will go to love your hair.

11. Stacked a line Bob haircut

a line bob

Stacked a line Bob haircut if you want to do this hairstyle so you need to cut your hair to the neck and it looks pretty awesome. and you need to chop your hair after cutting a-line Bob.

12. Grey a-line Bob 

a line bob

Grey a line Bob if you want this cool looking hairstyle. You should need to color your hair first in the grey color you might do this yourself at your home. I suggest you, go to your nearest hair salon for your hair color.

13. Bouncy a-line Bob haircut 

a line bob

You want to cut your hair like the above picture. So, you need to make your hair bouncy first. you can ask from your hairstylist for you to change your hair into bouncy because when you go out on a street and you start walking you look amazing and it gets everyone's eyes to you.

14. A-line Bob with a Purple color

a line bob

So now I give you some tips for the hairstyle. Color your hair first after coloring your hair in a purple color you need to take care of your hair. For shinning your hair. so you can use a shining serum to give shininess to your hair.

15. Soft textured a line Bob hair 

a line bob

If your hair is very smooth textured and it covers your whole head with a heavy amount of hair. So you can definitely choose this hairstyle. because it would look pretty good on you.


How to Cut Your hair Straight

How do get the hair straight do yourself for the wet hair do the parting and brush the entire hair well now tie up the hair and make a ponytail press and straighten the hair will and dye up the hair lower with the small strap press the hair again and locate another strap lower pick the scissors and cut a straight line the pitch you want to cut take out the straps dry the hair it's an easy way to cut the ends you can leave it a bit longer at the front which is also very beautiful.

What to do After Completion of Haircut?

After Completion of your haircut, you need to wash your hairs first then you need to dry your hair with a towel. Then you can use a blow hair dryer to give your hair to a new look. You can also use fingers for giving a new look to your hairstyle.

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