What Is HAIR MAKEOVER STYLES and How Does It Work?

Hair Makeover Styles

Hair is a biomaterial filament. It is a filament-like structure that grows from the follicles cell in the skin. Most of the people have an interest or focus on the growth of the hair, hair types, and care of the hair. Hair is a biomaterial that is consisted of protein.

Protein plays a key role in the growth of the hair. Hair is a mammalian distinctive feature. All mammals have hair on their skin. It provides warmth in the cold weather and protects them from the voluntary condition of the weather.

Regarding the color of the hair, there is a wide range in the color of the hair. It varies from individual to individual as the complexion varies from one person to another person. All-natural hair colors are the result of two pigments that are Eumelanin and the other one is Pheomelanin.

Eumelanin is the dominant and influencing pigment in dark blonds like brown, black, reddish-brown, etc. while Pheomelanin is dominant in red hair. Gray hair happens when melanin pigments decrease or less in the quantity.

Hair growth follows a cycle. This is the process of anagen, catagen, and telogen. All these three phases occur simultaneously. It might be possible one hair filament is at one phase and the other filament will be at another phase.

There are two types of hair; these are curly hair and straight hair. The curly hairs are also known as wavy hair because these hairs have a wave-like appearance and curls in their whole length. But, if we talk about the straight hair, these hairs are straight and don’t have any turn or wave in the entire length of this type of hair. Most of the people like straight hair. There is a reason behind this liking because straight hair can be tied in one or another style easily. Most of the hairstyles look beautiful in this type of hair. But the curly hair is difficult to carry. There are a few styles available for this type of hair.
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Hair is a blessing of god for having a complete personality. You are incomplete without having hair on your head whether they are curly or straight.

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