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HOW TO BLEACH YOUR HAIR Made Simple - Even Your Kids Can Do It

How to Bleach your Hair

Bleaching your hair will completely change your appearance. Sometimes people bleach to hide the white hairs that have started creeping up. Whatever the reason, these steps will help you bleach you're safely and quickly.

how to bleach your hair

Bleach Your Hair Easily and Naturally At Home  

1 . Get a ratty old shirt or a type of cape that you don’t mind throwing away so that when you do spill (which most people do) you can simply throw the shirt/cape away.

2. Bleach will strip your hair of oil and make it very dry. To prevent the bleach from completely damaging your hair, make sure your hair has not been washed for the past day or 2 days so that any shampoo or other hair cleaning products have not stripped your hairs of natural oils.

3. Do not forget to wear gloves! Very important!

Choose the color you want. If you have light hair, the coloring will come out stronger, while dark hair will make the coloring lighter. Products will come with bleach and peroxide, and you will also need an applicator brush. You will also need a mixing bowl to make your bleach.

Tip #1: Use 30 volume instead of 40 volume. 40 volume is too strong and will permanently damage hair.

Tip #2: Mix with a mixing spoon or stick. Do not mix with your applicator brush because the brush will pick up the bleach and will not mix properly.

Mix the bleach. Put the mixing formula into the mixing bowl and add peroxide. Mix into a paste. If it is too pasty, add more peroxide.

Tip #3: This is more of a precaution. Do not inhale the powder for it will burn and make sure the solution does not get into your eyes. Now add the bleach.

To get strands of hair, using foil is important for getting parts of your hair bleached. If you want your whole hair bleached, make sure that you do not contact your skin (or make the skin contact minimal). Using the applicator brush, add the mixed solution to your hair. Add bleach evenly over the hair. The amount you put in is one of the factors of how much color change you will have.

Tip #4: If you want certain parts to be lighter or a little more vibrant, add bleach to that part of the hair first.

After applying the bleach. This is an important step. The amount of coloring is the amount you wait. The longer you wait the more the bleach will soak in. Usually to get a color change you need to wait from 20 to 30 minutes.

Tip #5: For dark hair: Leave in for 40 to 50 minutes.
For lighter hair: Leave in for 20 to 30 minutes.

Tip #6: For a drastic color change you need to do another bleaching. Doing one bleaching for a really different color will leave it looking very hideous. You will need to do 2 bleachings and follow the next step.

Tip #7: Many people like to speed up the process by Toner and developer for drastic color changes. For example, if you wanted platinum hair you will run into the problem of getting yellow hair. To strip the yellow out of your hair, you will need to use toner and developer.

Mix your toner and developer. Measure 2 ounces of a developer to 1 ounce of toner. It will turn your hair a very strange color, which you will need to wash out. Now depending on how much yellow is in your hair, you will need to wait approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

Very important: Use a shampoo or conditioner that is specifically designed for color hair. The shampoo will strip your hair of its color unless it is color shampoo. Avoid multiple shampooing of hair right after bleaching. Shampoo and overexposure to sunlight will change the color of the bleaching.
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