How To Cut Layered Hair

Layering is a great way to add texture to hair that may be too plain looking. From layering, you can thin out hair that is usually too thick and the great thing is that it won’t look thin. Layering gives the illusion of volume when there is actually less hair. With the following guidelines, you’ll be ready to cut layered hair or even your own!

How To Cut Layered Hair

How to cut Short Layered Hair


A pair of sharp hair cutting scissors.
Fine tooth comb.


Any pair of hair cutting scissors from the nearest store will be fine, but unless they are expensive they will not retain their sharpness for a while. However, as long hair is not being cut regularly, any sharp pair of hair scissors will do.


Make sure to shampoo and wash the hair properly before the cut.
Damp hair is preferable for the cut.
Leave a place for falling hair.
Cut in front of a mirror.

Tip: All “grabbing” and “pulling” is done with the comb so that everything is cut evenly. Grab the combed hair with your fingers so they act as guides.

Front Right Side

Look at the front right side of the client. Stand on the front left side of the person. Decide the length and angle of the hair you want to cut. Remember to check where the client likes to part their hair. Plan accordingly. Hold the hair towards you and cut the desired length using your fingers as guides. Never move from the “left side” position so that you never lose where you are on the client’s hair.

The reason you never move from the front left side when you’re working on the front right side of the client is that for each batch of hair you cut, it’ll be brought to the same place. This causes a “long bob layered” effect. Now bring all of the right side hair to the same point and cut it.

Front Left Side

Now for the front left side of the client, stand on the opposite end, the front right side of the client. Same as before, as you cut, you never move from your position. Bring the left side of the client’s hair towards you at the same point.

Right Side

The standing position is the right side of the client. Now part the right side of the head, and slowly bring in different strands of hair to the same point when you were working on the client’s front right side and cut the same way.

Left Side

Repeat like the right side except using the front left side’s guide (point of cut).

At this point, all the hair should be angled correctly.

Right side tapering

Now standing on the right side of the client, and grab the top front of the right side of the hair. Pull it towards you. Now, cut half of the hair in your hand to the desired length and angle. Now leave the other half uncut. This will prevent cutting too much hair on the top. We are only working with a small area of the hair (the top right). Now repeat this process across the top right. Now work towards the bottom and connect to corners. Once again, make sure not to cut too much hair.

Left Side Tapering

Just like the top right side, do the same exact thing. Remember, to use the half and half technique so you don’t cut too much hair.

Back Part Tapering

For the back left side, stand on the back left side of the client. Section the hair for layering (meaning part of the hair so you can work with sections). Grab a section and pull it straight up with the comb. Cut the excess corners that stick out compared to the rest of the hair. Pulling the hair straight up is important because it’ll prevent you from cutting too much hair and making it too short. Repeat on both sides of the back of the head.
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