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Easy Everyday Hairstyles - How Can I Style My Hair Everyday

Easy Everyday Hairstyles

So for the first option, I'm going to tell you what I do when I just washed my hair and I don't have a lot of time first I use a towel to get rid of the excess water in my hair and then. I apply for a living conditioner and a heat protectant next up.

I comb my hair with a wide-tooth comb and wrap a towel around my head then I just go about with my day and have breakfast get dressed do whatever I have to do and when I get rid of the towel all the excess water in my hair is gone so it's a lot easier to blow-dry it away.

Everyday Hairstyles
Everyday Hairstyles

How Can I Style My Hair Everyday?

The hairdryer I usually blow-dry my hair in the opposite direction from where it naturally Falls or I do it upside down in order to lift up my roots and achieve more volume.

Then I take a nozzle to attach it to my hairdryer and I use a round brush to go through my sections and get rid of frizz next up. I use my flat iron and go through a few front sections of hair in order to frame my face because I have quite a long face this suits me better next up I run the flat iron over the ends of my hair add a little bit of essential oil.

That's it I'm ready to go this is what I typically do before I go to bed when I want to achieve a similar look to the previous one the following day. I just put my hair up and lose tapenade and use a hair clip to secure it in place you can also use any sort of hair tie or scrunchie that's not going to leave a mark on your hair when you release it the following morning and when you wake up it is very simple you just need to release your hair from the top knot and the result is pretty much the same.

Than the one in the previous option most mornings I don't need to do anything to my hair but sometimes. I like to run my Flatiron through some sections to make my hair look more put together sometimes when I wash my hair or I have second day hair it looks a little bit flat at the top so what I like to do is use these hair clips.

So what I do is collect the hair on my crown section bring it to the back make it a little bit lose and secure it in place with a hair pin what I like to do is pull out some pieces of hair at the front and that's pretty much it I either wear this everyday hairstyle or release it after a few hours and I'm left with voluminous hair sometimes I like to put my hair up in a topknot it is pretty much the same one as the one that I do to go to sleep but this one is a little bit tighter.

I just try to point my chin down as I tie my top nod wave a hair tie because this way the hair won't look as lose on the back. I like pulling out some pieces of hair on the sides but I don't like it when it looks extremely messy.

So I usually apply a little bit of hairspray so it will stay put together throughout the day I love this everyday hairstyle because even though it's very quick and easy to do it's quite trendy at the moment another hairstyle I like is the low bun the main difference between this one and the topknot is that this one is a little bit more formal and elegant and instead of using a hair tie.

I prefer to use hairpins or bobby pins to secure it in place as you can see I use a zigzag motion in order to stick my pins so that they will stay in place for longer.

I also pull out some sections of hair and sometimes I style them so it will look a little bit nicer it's no secret that high ponytails are a staple in my everyday life usually I use a little bit of the product on my hands so the hair will be more manageable.

I like to point my chin up and long bob with bangs as I collect my hair and bring it to the back so it won't look loose at the back I also like it to look voluminous at the top and I typically pull out a couple sections of hair on either side then I tie it with a hair tie or an elastic and I pull what I like to do is pinch on some sections of hair to make it look a little bit more voluminous at the top and once.

I'm happy with it I bring it a little bit to one side I don't really know why I do this but I really like it and I always try to go for a messy effortless look although I don't do this too often if I have an event or somewhere I need to go to I like styling my hair wavy.

I usually like using some sort of texturizing product or some dry shampoo to give my hair some texture and then I come in with my curling wand and picked little sections of hair and curl them I like to do this from mid-shaft to ends instead of doing it from the roots because it looks more informal and I like the beachy look to it.

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