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How to tell if You Can Grow a Beard | 5 Basic Rules

What's up everybody, I wanted to talk to you about five inner games to tell if you can grow a beard. So my answer is yes you can grow your beards.

So follow the tips which I have given below. Growing a Beard it depends upon many things what is your genetics, what you eat, and more.

Little weird tips here, but don't worry growing a beard is not rocket science, you can easily understand after reading this full article.

5 Rules That Really Affect Your Beard Growth Crazy

Waiting for your beard growth is a very difficult task.

Yes, you need to be patient for your beard to grow. There are various factors that depend on the growth of your beard.

So, read this article carefully because this article is very helpful for the growth of your beard.

1. Be Present

So the first tip exists and I mean stop looking at beards or other styles that you don't currently have if you're growing a beard, and you're only like the first few weeks. It's freezing outside and just doesn't look like growing up.

You want to appreciate what you want, I think it is really important to just stop looking at the goals and be present in the moment and appreciate it like you are doing.

You want to be a person who is growing a beard? 

Not necessarily a person who has a beard because the one thing I've learned going after goals and changing beard styles and shaving and regressing and all that after.

The biggest thing was that you are never really in an ideal place, you always have a new goal or a little tweak or trim or anything that is great for a very short time, But then you start looking at other thoughts.

In other genres or maybe something wasn't really really working the way you wanted it to. So this is the first tip.

2. Be Patient 

Because you know beards take a while And if you're growing a really long one. It's going to take a while and even growing like a three-month beard which is just a pretty healthy beard in my opinion at least.

It's a, it takes a while and When you start, it seems like it's going to take forever. But if you just relax and just know that it will keep growing.

That you just will appreciate it and just it shouldn't be a stressful thing it Should be a little fun. So just kind of chill out and be patient.

3. Be Complimentary

Now this tip kind of covers a lot of questions that I get asked and What do I do if it's patchy if it's too light or half of it is?

Like-kind of slower growing and my math mustache doesn't Grow exactly how I wanted to or

How do I make it grow really long all those questions? 

Can be summed up into this category that I just think is the most important head game to have is what is complimentary to you what I mean by that is if you have a patchy beard.

Stop trying to grow a really crazy long hairstyle for men with full Beard you can't change your genetics what you can do is work with them and make them work for you and just be the best that they can be which brings me to the fourth tip which is confident.

4. Be Confident

No matter what beard you have Patchy, full Dark, Discolored warped scarred, whatever you have curly straight all of the above. If you own it, and you make it best. It will look good You know if you keep trying to do something else and be someone else. It's never going to suit you because it isn't. What you want to do is pull some inspiration from people and see how you can feel out.

What their genetics?

What they have worked for them and do the same kind of thing for yourself, for instance, I am really short, so I don't wear horizontal stripes. 

But if I was tall I would because it would make me look more balanced. So things like that you want to do with your beard, so If I had a patchy beard. 

I would keep it short and tight and I've said it before like if if you just kind of have it patchy and you just own it and Don't try to have like a bunch of like weird long hairs And it's just always going to look like you're trying for something else. 

I would just keep it clean and just have it patchy and just be like yeah, that's the way it is. So there's a saying I really like which is a penguin can never be a giraffe. 

So be the best penguin you can be and what I mean by that or what it stands for I feel it's pretty obvious but if you are a penguin go swim go crazy life in the cold be a penguin and stop trying to be the tall beautiful giraffe. 

Make that giraffe wish you could go swimming and live in the cold so Yeah, that's all I have to say about that.

5. Be Yourself

So the last tip I think is really important about a lot of things especially with how you look. So that's being yourself, and you know. Growing up when I get advice from women about women it always is that be yourself up.

I thought it was the worst advice and it still is the worst advice. Because I feel like the way that men interpret that is not how women mean it and maybe if I'm getting this right, it's similar to what I'm thinking which is

Why are you doing what you're doing?

If you are being yourself then you're not really looking to the outside world for validation. I mean if you're going to wear a Beard or crazy hat and you're trying to get attention for that Giant Beard or Giant blue hat or something it doesn't It's always obvious that you're looking out and you're trying to get attention.

You look like a weirdo, and it's super unattractive, and it's not very confident. This other thing that's just like it's totally unattractive you should be doing shit for yourself.

Stop looking trying to get attention on validation and like Somebody was like saying.

Does it even matter what I think or what anybody thinks?

Your beard is going to be awesome because you're awesome and You're doing whatever you want, and if it makes you happy, then do it.

Forget what anybody else says. If you like what you're doing and it makes you happy, do it, because anybody else is holding you back from having the best beard you can possibly have. Alright guys, so that's pretty much it.

This's I know it's a little kind of weird tips. Uh, because it doesn't really have any tips, but I do feel like this train of thought is so massive and if you can really get in the right headspace, you won't need any more tips. You can just figure out everything on your own and when you're hearing tips.

How to trim your beard?

Messy, itchy, and scary. Today I'm gonna show you how to groom your beard and how to transform this guy into this one!

I know, this may sound obvious but if you want to have a thick beard, you gotta give it at least 4 weeks to grow. Then, start slowly removing some hair on your neck. Be careful though! Don’t set the beard line too high!

It is better to lower it down a bit. This way, your beard can cover your jaw entirely. Let’s get some jawline in here! A common mistake is to trim straight lines along your jaw.

This often results in having a curved jawline due to skin elasticity. And that just does not look so good. Instead, try it out by adding slight curvy lines.

It does not have to be symmetric btw. By doing so, your jawline becomes edgier and makes your face look more athletic. All right, now it’s time to frame that face!

Your beard is like a frame to your face. So the shape of it will have as much impact on your looks as your hairstyle. So before trimming your beard, try to aim for a shape that suits you best. I like to go for an edgier shape.

To achieve this shape, I will sculpt it into my beard by removing hair where I want my face to look slimmer. As for those stubborn hairs that stand out, I’ll either cut them away or I’ll trim them down.

I suggest trimming from top to bottom: This removes unwanted hairs while keeping your beard thick. Ok! Time to clean up! If you want to add natural volume to your hair, simply divide them into two sections by using a diagonal line.

Try to brush both sides in opposite directions while using in opposite directions hairdryer with maximum heat. Finally, just bring both sections back together with cold air.

This technique confuses the hair and makes it stand out. If you use your hairdryer daily I highly recommend using argan oil.

Add some oil on the ends of your hair his prevents hair breakage and keeps your hair thick, shiny, and healthy.

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