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15 Best Haircuts For Round Face Shape Women

We all have different face shapes nobody who have the same beauty. The key to looking good is known about yourself first and then try to look around you and start searching what makes you a person that you really are.

In a round face, there is no jawline and no angles you have only a round face. So if you are interested to know about which round face shape haircut is good for you so read the article very carefully because this is a way that you can find your hairstyle that you really searching for.

There are many haircuts for round face women you can only do that hairstyle with small changes in your hair.

1. Straight Medium Length Lob

Straight Medium Length Lob

What thing are you finding in this medium lob? If you have good thin hair so the lob is a great choice for you. You can go with your natural hair color or you choose different hair colors for your hair most of the women choose different hair color for this hairstyle.

2. Short Shaggy Cut With Bangs

Short Shaggy Cut With Bangs

So in number two, we have the shaggy cut with bangs haircut. In bangs case, you have a lot of ways to do a bang, just like some women choosing full forehead bangs or half forehead bang but for this hairstyle, we go for long bangs with short shaggy hairs.

3. Long Pixie Cut For Round Face

Long Pixie Cut For Round Face

This haircut for those women who love to prefer a short haircut. For this pixie cut, you want to ask from your hairstylist to don't leave your front side hairs at the chin. Some women go for chin length pixie cut this also looks great but here you have a choice to choose from chin length hair or shorter hair. I suggest you go for shorter hairs.

4. Chin length Pixie Cut

Chin length Pixie Cut

So here you can see the difference between a chin-length haircut and short hairs. In the chin-length pixie cut, the hair comes at your side face to the level of the chin.

5. Center-parted Hair for Round face

Center-parted Hair for Round face

Center-parted hair looks good with a round face shape women. Take an example of "Selena Gomez" Center-Parted hair she looks great with that haircut. This is a shoulder-length hairstyle and you can easily manage this hairstyle.

6. Asymmetrical Bob Haircut

Asymmetrical Bob Haircut

An asymmetrical hairstyle, you only need to comb your hair in a symmetrical manner. The asymmetrical haircut looks very great and this style is very easy to manage.

7. Side-Swept with Layered Hair

Side-Swept with Layered Hair

The medium length layered hairs look great when the bounciness will be present in your hairs. Try to keep your hairstyle straight. And the textured of the hair look subtle with a round face.

8. Natural Curly Hair

 Natural Curly Hair

If you have naturally curly hair so this hairstyle is for you. As you can see the upper image the bouncy curly hair gives her an amazing look. And the shiny curly hairs make this hairstyle complete.

9. Long Choppy Bob Haircut

Long Choppy Bob Haircut

Nowadays Bob is one of the trendiest haircuts. In the long bob hairstyle, there are so many different varieties of hairstyles are available.

In this hairstyle, you need to cut down your hairs at the level of your shoulders you can cut your hairs at home very easily.

You only need two things to cut your hair like a long bob.

The first is a scissor and the second one is a hairband. Tie your hairs with the hairband then set the hairband at your shoulder length level. Take a scissor and cut down your hairs at your hairband. That's it. For Choppy bob haircut, you can ask from your hairstylist to make your long bob choppy.

10. Long Stacked haircut for round face

Long Stacked haircut for round face

When thick and voluminous will be present in your hair so that is a great chance for you to do a stacked haircut. It is easy to manage and useful so you can definitely go with this hairstyle.

11. Straight with Shinny Haircut

Straight with Shinny Haircut

If your hair is straight or you think to do your hair straight so this is the best time to pick this hairstyle for your hairs. The layers of this hairstyle help to look chic in this modern world. Don't heat your hair too much if your hair is thin use heat protecting spray when you use hairdryer or hair straightener.

12. Medium Layered Haircuts

Medium Layered Haircuts

The layers help your hair to look more amazing and chic. Without any Layers, the hairstyle looks very simple if the layers of hair present in your hairs that look really good.

13. Colored Bob Haircut

Colored Bob Haircut

If you love to add colors in your hair after every 5-6 months or you think the first time about coloring your hairs. So this is for you because the Colored hairstyle makes you feel good and energetic. If you color your hairstyle first time so I am definitely sure about this you will feel energetic and happy. So definitely try the colored bob haircut.

14.  Side-Parted Choppy Haircut

Side-Parted Choppy Haircut

Number 14 we have the side-parted choppy haircut for round face women the haircut looks amazing with the choppy layers. In this hairstyle, you need to cut your hair in layers then side-parted your hair from the front side of the hairs. That's it. I suggest you ask your stylist to do your hair like a side-parted choppy haircut.

15. Simple Straight Center-Parted Haircut

Simple Straight Center-Parted Haircut

This haircut looks very attractive with a round face. I highly recommend this hairstyle for you if you have a round face. For more detail, you can see the above image. 
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