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Loose Curly Hairstyle For Women to try in 2020

I have some really fun easy simple hairstyles that you can rock this summer um I think that a lot of curly girls don't really quite know what to do with their hair um. I know I usually either just have it all down or I just shove it up in a bun but it's really nice to have a couple different styles.

That you're easy go-to for the summer so yeah let's just jump right in alright now this first look is just the simple top knot. I have been loving rocking this look lately it's just super easy gets all your hair up and out of your face. 

I hate having my hair in my face so it's super good if you do not like to have your hair in your face so you're just going to want to take your thumbs and just pull the hair back from the crown of your head and you're just going to want to pull it up.

Then we're going to twist it into a bun once you have twirled it around we're just going to take a bobby pin and I actually learned on the set of a Redken that it's much better for you to just push the bobby pin in I used to always open the volume up with my teeth but they said that it will actually give it a lot better hold. 

If you just push it in as opposed to opening it up so we're just going to pop two of those in and then I just like to kind of buff it and get it exactly how I like in the shape if I want to make it a little bigger a little bit Messier and just get that situated and then. 

I just like to fluff up this hair and you're going to go it's a super easy summer look that takes literally five seconds to do and look super cute the next look that I want to show you guys how to create is what I like to call the ariana grande look and you know how she always always has that half-up half-down look in with that silky straight gorgeous hair but I think that it looks just as cute. 

If you have curly hair so let me show you how to do that you're going to want to start by using your thumbs and putting them directly above your ears and that's where you're going to gather and pull your hair up so we're just going to pull all that up and it's okay you have curly hair there's gonna fit snot going to be stick straight. 

It's not going to be you know perfect there's going to be you know some texture showing and I think that makes the even cuter so you're just going to want to pull all of that hair up and secure that with an elastic now next. 

I got hairs all over me you're just going to want to take a piece of your hair sorry it's knotted I need to brush it okay so we're just going to take a piece of hair and you're just going to want to wrap that around the hair tie um that is going to just make it look more polished and professional and like you tried but in all reality it's a queue to minutes to create this look. 

So I'm just going to take a bobby pin and push that in to secure it push it up and you've got a very cute easy hairstyle that took you literally five seconds and you look like Ariana grande alright guys for this last look it's very very simple it is your average Pony but with a twist. 

So I like to add a little clip that is basically your hair color and push it up underneath of your ponytail and it will make your pony pop like no other and those girls that have those like really cute ponytails they're just like full and voluminous and they're not saggy. 

I guarantee that I wear these end up on there so let me show you how to pop your pony you're going to want to just take a hairband and flip your head over you really gather all of your hair to the top of your head oh girl I got some roots. 

I really need to get my hair highlighted so bad I just haven't had time but I'll go soon alright step you're just going to want to take all your hair put to the hot top of your head and secure it then you're going to want to take some hair from the ponytail and just wrap it around the pony so that you do not see that elastic once again that will just help to make it look cute and polished and like you tried. 

when you didn't alright so we're just going to secure that and then so this is the before it just kind of like falls flat I don't know I don't like it but don't want you take this you flip your hair overtake this push it up under there and then flip it over it it gives you just like the cutest ponytail your Pony be popping and it just looks adorable. 

so I always like to add a clip to my ponies you cannot see it it's hidden forever no one will know and it just gives you that really cute hi-hi-hi voluminous geni type puppy do 
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